Using a promotional company to rally the troops

Shake and bake.

Every troop needs a battle cry.  Okay, not every battle cry is going to be as awesome as “shake and bake” (popularized by the movie, Talladega Nights), but you can trust us to help you find the right idea, mission statement, value, accomplishment or conviction to promote cohesiveness in your organization. We are a promotional company. It’s what we do.

Part of the beauty of being a promotional company is that we can promote anything. Take any product, any idea, or any mission and put it in front of the right target with a well-executed marketing strategy and your idea is bound to catch on.

We believe every organization should work to establish and maintain a product company culture. Promoting your organization’s mission will help keep your team on-brand and on-task.  Let your team know your mission is more than just words written by the organization’s founder.  The mission is what makes up your culture, and culture is the undercurrent of your organization’s day to day.  It trickles from the head down – whether that head is a coach, school administrator or CEO.

As your promotional company of choice, Brand Owl is committed to supporting your culture and your mission by helping you to choose the right promotional items to rally your troops.   Click here to view our product gallery or call the Product Development department at 888-379-0099.