Should Your Irvine Business Sell Branded Promotional Products?

Some local business owners are reluctant to create branded products just to give them away to customers in Irvine. Promotional products can get the word out, but there is no guarantee that those products will immediately convert to sales. So the question you must answer as a small business owner is “Should I be giving this stuff away or selling it?”

The problem with selling promotional products to your Irvine customers

If your business is cash strapped at the moment, you will be far more likely to lean toward selling your t-shirts, flash drives and rubber bracelets. But now you have to be objective: When was the last time you bought a branded product from a company you didn’t know just because they had it for sale? The cold, hard truth is that most people won’t just buy promotional products. First, we recognize that we shouldn’t have to buy your advertisements, you do. Second, what compels people to buy are necessity and appetite. If your promotional product is not fulfilling a need and there is no current demand in the market which indicates there’s a desire or an appetite for your promotional item, you’re probably not going to be able to make money selling it. Instead, focus on creating a promotional product for your Irvine customers and partners that you think they will like, appreciate and use. Create something that is useful, even if it’s whimsical.


The verdict: Keep your Irvine customers happy by making your promotional products free. Focus on making your product shareable. Choose a product that people will want to get and use. You have the greatest chance of gaining exposure for your brand or product when people are willing to use the promotional products you create.