The Hottest Trends in Orange County Embroidery

Did I throw you off? Be honest, you wouldn’t think Orange County Embroidery Trends even exist, right? You are probably wondering if that is even a thing. Well, it is a thing. If you keep your finger on the pulse of all things promotional like I do, you probably already have seen a few embroidered products that you think are probably pretty cool. Southern Californian brands, organizations and businesses actually have a pretty hefty selection of options when it comes to creating custom Orange County embroidery products. Here are three of my current favorites.

If you are considering custom embroidery for the first time, you are in for a pleasant surprise. In order to prepare to take advantage of Brand Owl’s custom Orange County embroidery services, here are a handful of suggestions that can help you gain better insight into the process of embroidery for promotional items.

Three Useful Options for Embroidery in Orange County

It’s time to get beyond just stitching the upper left quadrant of polo shirts and windbreakers (not to be confused with the Members Only style of outerwear). Instead, let’s start lining up ideas for Orange County Embroidered products your customers will actually use on a regular basis for promotional purposes. A promotional product doesn’t have to be seen by everyone in order to deliver positive results. But it does help if the product has a life outside of the junk drawer.

Embroidered Cadet Caps – Stylish, form-fitting and sure to turn the heads of both females and males, embroidered cadet caps are a surefire way to put your brand in the forefront and convey a lasting impression.

Orange County EmbroideryExecutive Messenger Bag –You can always find use for a messenger bag. The executive messenger bag is a roomier, sturdier version of the regular messenger bag. It’s designed to offer a more polished and professional look. Consider adding a more modest logo design or a small, branded script design to the front flap of the bag. Try this in lieu of a sprawling, brightly-colored signature for your embroidery. Orange County businesses can often capitalize on the less is more thinking when it comes to branding promotional products.

Embroidered Hand Towels – Embroidered towels will never not be cool. Depending on the color of the towel and the quality of the stitching, the right embroidery can add a little class to any linen closet.

Micro Mink Sherpa Blanket – Plush on the outside and wooly on the inside. This is the perfect heat-trapping blanket to help keep the tootsies toasty during the winter. Choose a corner of the blanket to host the crisp, high-quality custom embroidery of your organization’s logo.

The trend in custom Orange County embroidery is not just about fancy letters on egg shell-colored linens. It’s about stamping your brand personality on something that will find its way into home and get quite a bit of use. The more promotional products are used, the more they are seen. The more they are seen, the more likely you are to reap the benefits of having your brand stay top-of-mind for customers and prospects.

Which of the above benefits of Brand Owl’s Orange County embroidery best suits your organization? That’s up to you. Partner up with the design team here at Brand Owl to help you create a visual marketing campaign that offers one or more of the above-listed benefits.

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