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When was the last time you considered choosing custom Los Angeles Screen Printing to promote for your brand, business or organization? There are a variety of great ideas available for screen printing in Los Angeles. It’s not just about serving up screen printed cotton shirts, hats and canvas bags. Custom Los Angeles screen printing can be used to brand a wide selection of objects.

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Big businesses advertise and promote their brand, so should you! When you make the decision to use screen printing in Los Angeles as a vehicle for communicating your message, there are some rules of the game by which to make your experience creating a promotional product a seamless one. Take a gander at these helpful tips.

Tip #1: Work with a team.

Mapping out a plan to promote your brand or business is no simple task, especially if you have yet to design a well thought out logo or tagline. Brand Owl can help with all of that AND execute superior custom Los Angeles screen printing products. Allow Brand Owl the privilege to be your extra team member and take your logo, brand and promotional items to the next level.

Los Angeles Screen Printing Services

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Tip #2: Be open to new ideas.

Sometimes the idea you think won’t work is the very one that becomes your cash cow and converts the most customers. Be open to new ideas. Don’t be afraid to venture where no one else has gone before.

Tip #3: Design with your target in mind.

Know your target audience. Do what’s necessary to develop the kind of empathy that lets you see things from your customer’s point of view. If you don’t do that, you’ll be doomed to live a professional life ripe with marketing near misses and that’s no way to make money.

Tip #4: Escape your box. Then tear it to pieces.

After World War II, Honda was known for producing motorized bicycles. The company got really good at that too. Of course, now, they are the eighth largest automobile manufacturer in the world, touted for producing some of the safest most reliable cars in the world. The point is, sometimes sticking to doing only that which you do well is a good way to box yourself in. Whether you are choosing products to imprint or narrowing down your screen print design, make it a point to step just beyond your limits – just beyond what has always been acceptable and comfortable and see what’s on the other side of your limits.

Tip #5: Keep marketing.

Marketing a business is an ongoing effort. Social faux pas aside, there will never come a time when you don’t need to market your business. Coca Cola is the most valuable brand in the world according to Forbes and you still see their logo and brand colors on the sides of city buses. When was the last time you took a drive down an interstate and didn’t see a McDonald’s billboard? These businesses are globally recognized brands. Follow their lead. Use screen printing today to drum up some fantastic promotional items. Then maybe consider custom embroidery the next time around. Who knows what marketing opportunities are around the corner? Just be sure to leverage every last one of them.

The fine art of screen printing in Los Angeles is about more than just throwing funny messages on t-shirts. We can do that too, but meeting your corporate needs – your promotional marketing needs – with screen printed products is truly our forte. Get a member of our team on the phone or chat live with us or complete the quote form. Do whatever you have to do to jumpstart your marketing effort. We’re here for you.

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Los Angeles Screen Printing for Businesses and Brands


Screen Printing in Los Angeles

Screen Printing in Los Angeles | Brand Owl

  • Brand Owl offers 8-color, and full color process Los Angeles screen printing services with full front and back printing on apparel items. You have your choice of design options.  We work with thousands of suppliers to ensure we can deliver precisely the product you need to support your marketing efforts. 
  • Our broad network gives you access to a variety of screen printing talent, expertise and technology. It also helps us to make sure you receive top quality screen printing services in a reasonable amount of time and at the best possible price.
  • Use your own logo or take advantage of our design services and have custom artwork made just for your screen printing project.  We can fill any order from 36 units to 6,000 units and we offer discounts for bulk quantities.


Boost Your Brand With a Fresh Screen Printing


Depending on your line of work, products and target audience, you may be able to come up with a nice menu of promo items that are just right for our custom screen printing in Los Angeles. The best screen printing is about finding fun ideas to keep your brand and message in front of your target audience. You can create products your customers will love with a little bit of creativity and the boldness to step away from tradition.

Which of the above benefits of Brand Owl’s Los Angeles Screen Printing Services best suits your organization? That’s up to you. Partner up with the design team here at Brand Owl to help you create a visual marketing campaign that offers one or more of the above-listed items.

Visit Brand Owl today to see what our intuitive staff of brand management specialists, designers and Los Angeles screen printing experts can do for the brand identity of your business.


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