Grab their attention with stellar screen printing and embroidery

It’s hard to land a customer when that customer is not familiar with your company.  Brand Owl is all about getting eyes on your organization.  We accomplish this massive feat with our screen printing and embroidery services.

There are certainly clever ways of increasing exposure. Attractive logos, use of color, timely slogans, hashtags, and the strategic use of multi-media resources.  Well, we also have a few more tricks up our sleeves.  We are great at helping you to figure out your needs. Let us craft a promo product that is slick and relevant to let your customers know that you understand them.

Use our screen printing services to fancy up the classics – logos on key chains, company name on water bottles, musings on coffee mugs, pop culture-driven t-shirts sayings.  We can also give you an edge with new screen printing classics like custom iPhone cases and tablet stands.  Or opt for whimsical promo items like auto shop rags with branded screen printing, juice glasses (did you ever find that Betty Rubble juice glass?), vintage soda bottles or company-branded playing cards.  There is no limit to what can be branded, distributed and popularized.

Our expert embroidery services go beyond sewing the word “Bob” over the front left pocket of a pair of work overalls.  Custom apparel embroidery is a smart way to distinguish your organization and prominently feature your brand.  Your customers are looking for you.  Make it a pleasure for them to find you.

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