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Costa Mesa Promotional Products

Costa Mesa Promotional Products & Apparel

Brand Owl is the authority at creating effective brand identities for companies. Brand Owl then propels these fresh brand concepts by providing businesses with quality Costa Mesa promotional products such as t-shirts, totes, pens, caffeine mugs and a multitude of other tech savvy promotional items. Our main purpose is to provide companies and organizations in Costa Mesa access to the very best collection of classic and trending promotional products in the marketplace.

Our mission is to provide promotional services for brands and businesses in Costa mesa, as well as other companies in the greater Los Angeles area. Grab the phone and give us a call. Let us help you brand the right products with the right message for the right audience.

The value of any Costa Mesa promotional product is in its ability to keep your brand in front of current and potential customers for long periods of time. A few well-chosen Costa Mesa promotional products or useful gadgets could be the launching pad to build strong relationships and keep your brand in the minds of potential clients.

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The Effectiveness of Costa Mesa Promotional Products from Brand Owl

Costa Mesa Promotional Items

Costa Mesa Promotional Items | Brand Owl

Getting the right promotional product can be just the incentive potential customers need to take action. Consumers hang on to products that are useful to them. The longer they hang on to your branded promotional product, the better the chances of them calling you when they need you.  Brand Owl’s network gives you access to 2 million Costa Mesa promotional products just waiting to be branded with your logo, message and name.

In a survey conducted by the PPAI, 80% of consumers say they have received at least one promotional product within the past twelve months.  Of that number, 60% admit to keeping products for a period of two years and more than half of consumers who have our Costa Mesa promotional products use the items at least once a week. The beauty of working with a company that specializes in getting promotional items out to the masses is that you can be assured you are reaching your audience.

We are always on the lookout for great products from trusted suppliers. We are always working to build our network and deliver the most competitive prices to our corporate clients. Yes, we spend a bit of time making sure the online platform is functional and easy to use, but our true value is in the team we’ve built, the relationships we’ve cultivated and our willingness to partner with our clients.

Costa Mesa Promotional Products

Branded promotional products for your Costa Mesa clients just got a little slicker. One of the great things about marketing through promotional items is the massive variety of products available through Brand Owl. You can get just about anything branded for just about any client profile. For your techie clients in particular, consider a few cool doo-dads and what-nots that will actually get the mileage they deserve

Promotional Items Costa Mesa

High Tech Promotional Items Costa Mesa

Tablet holders. Back in 2011, tablet sales topped $1billion in sales. You can bet your bottom dollar an attractive, functional and sleek tablet holder will be put to great use. Like most everything in our inventory, the tablet holders come with a slew of options. But just to get you started in the ideation process, we offer tablet sleeves, easels and classic binder / padfolio holders.

Laser pointers. A presentation isn’t a presentation without the dazzling light show that accompanies laser pointer use. Laser pointers are a board room staple. Help your Costa Mesa customers guide the focus of their next presentations with branded promotional LED light pointers.

Mobile device cases. Divide your order between silicone tablet cases and cases to fit the hottest smartphones on the market to maximize exposure. This generation never grows tired of accessories for their mobile devices. Keep that in mind as you are deciding which promotional items to brand this year.

USB hubs. It’s unlikely you will hear anyone complain that there are too many outlets on the wall. And not very many people are going to be bothered by the prevalence of USB ports either. For your tech-savvy Californians, branded USB hubs are a good way of building your brand with a promotional product that will probably never leave the computer bag, messenger bag or desktop.

Big businesses advertise and promote their brand, so should you!

When opting to use quality screen printing or embroidery services to create thought provoking Costa Mesa promotional items there are a few things to consider.

Dream big for your business with Brand Owl. 

Promotional Items Costa Mesa

Promotional Products Costa Mesa

1. Competitive Pricing

You definitely don’t want to pay too much for Costa Mesa Promotional Products and you probably aren’t just looking for the cheapest thing out there. Find a satisfactory middle ground by looking at a company’s catalog, client testimonials and industry expertise.

2. Experience

It’s easy to launch a business online and have virtually no experience in the field in which you are suddenly conducting business. It happens. Often. Read company profiles and owner bios to gain some insight into who it is you’re going into business.

3. Creativity

You can tell a lot about a screen printing company just by looking through their catalog and portfolio. Seek out a company that seems to have its finger on the pulse of industry developments and trending promo products. Both your brand and your target audience can benefit from that.

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Costa Mesa Promotional Apparel for Businesses and Brands
  • Brand Owl offers 8-color, and full color process Costa Mesa screen printing services with full front and back printing on apparel items. You have your choice of design options.  We work with thousands of suppliers to ensure we can deliver precisely the product you need to support your marketing efforts.
  • Our broad network gives you access to a variety of screen printing talent, expertise and technology. It also helps us to make sure you receive top quality screen printing services in a reasonable amount of time and at the best possible price.
  • Use your own logo or take advantage of our design services and have custom artwork made just for your screen printing project.  We can fill any order from 36 units to 6,000 units and we offer discounts for bulk quantities.

Which of the above benefits of Brand Owl’s Costa Mesa Promotional Services best suits your organization? That’s up to you. Partner up with the design team here at Brand Owl to help you create a visual marketing campaign that catapults your brand to the next level.

Visit Brand Owl today to see what our intuitive staff of brand management specialists, designers and Costa Mesa screen printing experts can do for the brand identity of your business.

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