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Using a promotional company to rally the troops

Shake and bake. Every troop needs a battle cry.  Okay, not every battle cry is going to be as awesome as “shake and bake” (popularized by the movie, Talladega Nights), but you can trust us to help you find the right idea, mission statement, value, accomplishment or conviction to promote cohesiveness in your organization. We […]

Grab their attention with stellar screen printing and embroidery

It’s hard to land a customer when that customer is not familiar with your company.  Brand Owl is all about getting eyes on your organization.  We accomplish this massive feat with our screen printing and embroidery services. There are certainly clever ways of increasing exposure. Attractive logos, use of color, timely slogans, hashtags, and the […]

Take your ideas to the next level with promotional items

“Brand Owl is Southern California’s newest source for quality screen printing and embroidery services. Our network of more than 10,000 suppliers – each providing a specific menu of services and area of expertise – enables us to offer our clients a seemingly endless selection of branded promotional items.  We have enlisted a virtual army of […]